Now Shooting: Powertool Cheerleaders

I’m exhausted, of course.

Filming is tiring at the best of times. Filming in times of a global pandemic, with all the attendant concerns regarding isolating, distancing, bubbling, tests, masks and so on is even more tiring.

Filming with the intention of making the movie absolutely epic despite all the budgetary and pandemic and time concerns is enough to leave you knackered just from looking at the to-do list.

The cast and crew that I’ve been working with to bring Powertool Cheerleaders vs the Boyband of the Screeching Dead to life have been astonishing. They have dedicated themselves to bringing such a load of heart and soul to this project and I’m absolutely in awe at what they are achieving at every turn. I’d love to namecheck them, but if I start I won’t be able to stop.

Every single person on the set has been incredible and I absolutely cannot wait to show you the results of what we’re doing.

How long is the shoot going to take, I hear you cry? Well, we’ve now wrapped block one. We’ve got about a third of the movie shot, which is quite incredible really considering the amount of love and care that has gone into each and every shot. Big chunk of the journey done, but still, miles to go before we sleep.

Thank you to our Kickstarter backers, our social media followers, and our friends and loved ones.

This movie will kick your ass and smile while it’s doing it.

Bloody bring it on.