Werewolves, Cheerleaders & Chainsaws

Poster for Pat Higgins' 2013 live show
Filming Horror with No Bloody Money

It’s been a while since the last set of live shows, so we’ve got a brand new one sorted out for 2013.

It’s called Werewolves, Cheerleaders & Chainsaws: Filming Horror with No Bloody Money and we’re pleased to announce that the first date for the show will be at the Horror-on-Sea Festival in January 2013. Presented by me, Pat Higgins, and featuring all sorts of stupid anecdotes, advice on filmmaking and writing, (everything from how to rig a blood explosion through to how to sell your distribution rights) never-before-seen clips and a few surprises. If you’re interested in indie horror, you should love it.

If you missed the last run of live shows (which were called Fake Blood on the Lens) there’s a short clip below, along with a gory behind-the-scenes intro from the filming of KillerKiller

Look forward to seeing you guys at the shows!