Release Strategies

As I’ve blogged about previously, the industry is in a state of flux and release strategies are changing all the time. New business models are cropping up all over the place; I humbly direct your attention through to Indie Movies Online who are offering free, streamed flicks (including Jake West’s wonderfully splattery Evil Aliens) whenever you want them. Other folks have been grabbing the digital bull by the horns, and offering flicks in varied digital formats as well as burn-on-demand DVD.. (invest a few quid in Rob Pratten’s MindFlesh or Al Ronald’s Jesus vs the Messiah to check out cutting edge indie distribution).

Soooo.. Where does that leave us?

Well, Hellbride‘s going the traditional route to DVD but will also be avaailable for download within the US at least.. (URL to follow next update). We’ve been looking at the possibilities of initially launching The Devil’s Music in a download format, but.. but..

To be honest, it’s kind of scary. There’s a comfort zone with DVD. It’s an established format and we kind of know what to expect from it. The idea of taking the leap of a download/burn-on-demand release for a movie like TDM is slightly daunting; it’s a great flick and we don’t want to compromise the release in any way. We won’t need to make a decision for another few months regardless; we want to give the Hellbride release room to breathe before unleashing TDM on a home format. But the decision will have to be made. And how long are tangible formats actually going to stick around for?