Running up to Christmas..

Having a fun last couple of weeks before Christmas, mixing festive preparations with post-production on BDT. I delivered the mid-cut of my story over to our composer Phil last week, which is always an exciting turning-point in post. I love seeing what he comes up with; sometimes he ends up heading in a fairly counter-intuitive direction. Innumerable lesser talents would have scored KillerKiller with doomy chords, but Phil opted for a fragile acoustic melody which utterly altered the vibe of the flick for the better. We’ve chatted a little about possible directions for the BDT chapter, but now it’s really a case of waiting to see what he comes up with whilst I sit and tweak shots here and there and gently edge the mid cut towards being a fine cut.
I think the other guys are at around the same point as me with their own respective post-production schedules. Can’t wait to see the three fine cuts assembled as a movie sometime early in 2009. Be weird sitting down to watch a flick that I’ve only been a third responsible for.
Had another great review for The Devil’s Music over at HorrorNews.Net (click ‘reviews’ and we’re in there).
Fairly well prepped for Christmas, I reckon. We’ve got a good number of family heading over this year, and we’ve been trying to work out how to actually fit everybody in. Festive vibes definitely kicking in. And on that note, I’ll take the opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Although knowing me that’ll probably mean that I’ll end up doing another blog entry this week and then have to do it all over again.

Peace n love,