Too Far Back..

Can’t really regale you with many more tales from Cannes after all, since it’s all a bit of a jumble without my notes to go from. Some of the memories are very pleasant (meeting up for the first time in years with our very own Lucy Sweet, Amber Moelter), some slightly less so (slogging around the Marche du Film for the umpteenth time) but I’m buggered if I can get them into any sort of coherent order so I’d probably best abandon the effort. It was a hell of an experience, though, and I’m sure I’ll end up back there before too long.

Since returning, I’ve been hammering away on various projects. Some personal ones (my brother Colin got married the other week, and I cut them together a wedding video) some freelance ones (filming stand-ups and music videos.. Drop me a line if you’re interested in my services for this sort of thing) and some company ones (sorting through our various distribution options for Hellbride and The Devil’s Music.. There are certainly decisions to be made in the next couple of weeks). Also went to Glastonbury last weekend, which is kind of traditional for me (I think that was my 13th one).

I’m in the office all alone this week, since Pip’s out on a shoot at Elstree. Well, I say alone. There are still the cats, who pop in and bother me whenever I’m doing something important that really doesn’t benefit from loud mewing. Phone interview? George decides that it’s time for a spot of loud mewing. Contract stuff? Buffy decides to howl like she’s had vital parts of her reproductive system removed. Which, of course, she has. But that was ages ago, and she can’t still be upset about it.

Oh, and the Zone Horror website are running my four-part guide to making micro-budget movies. The first chunk is over here.