KillerKiller International Releases

Another new interview up at Cinescare, which should hopefully satisy your need to hear me go on about The Devil’s Music for a while.

Been checking out the details of some of the international releases for KillerKiller. The Russian version is already out. The title has been translated to (roughly) Prison of those Doomed, and the slightly insane cover art doesn’t have an awful lot to do with the movie but I kind of dig it regardless..

I’m dying to hear the Russian dub, I truly am. My copy should be turning up in the next few days, so I’ll keep you posted. The German release, however, has gone for the slightly more traditional approach..

I’ve no idea how the DVDs will shape up otherwise (whether either of them are the widescreen version rather than the 4:3 crop, whether either of them have any good extras), but I shall keep you posted nonetheless.

As far as pre-production goes, I’m officially juggling three projects (BrainBath, House on the Witchpit and Strippers vs Werewolves). That should be enough to keep me occupied but isn’t, however, the whole story.. There’s another project that I can’t really discuss yet because other directors are involved and its not my place to blurt things out before official announcements. And there’s also the fact that I keep getting these crazy ideas for a Hellbride 2 which I can’t seem to shift. Considering that Hellbride hasn’t actually been released yet other than festival screenings, I should probably wait until the DVD is actually out before making any decisions about sequels.

I love sequels. Just because I haven’t shot one so far does not mean that I might not do so in the future…