Getting ready for Cannes

We’ve never been to the Cannes Festival before. We’ve had folks out there representing our movies, sure, but during the actual festival I’ve always been hunched over an edit suite or a word-processing package in our office.
This year, however, we’re finally going. Our accreditation came through the other week and we’ve got our accomodation sorted, so all that remains is an endless list of things not to forget. We’ve been sorting out our publicity materials first and foremost, as I imagine we’re in a fairly unique position as far as small UK companies go in terms of quantity of projects (four complete, three in development or preproduction) so we need to make sure that we’re representing ourselves in the best way. We’ve been putting together a brochure that has a similar layout to the main Jinx Media website, but we’ll need to get it to the printers fairly soon which seems a shame whilst we’ve still got great quotes for The Devil’s Music coming in all the time.
It’s a really weird time at Jinx Media; like whatever happens next is going to be different somehow. Bigger, quite possibly, but certainly different from what’s gone before… Hey, without change life would get pretty boring.