Locking/Not Locking

The Devil’s Music is close to locking. We’re still missing some score elements and sound mixing, but the movie itself is perilously close to completion. So close, in fact, that a ‘nearly done’ copy left the office yesterday, heading out so as to sneak in under a festival deadline. Which festival, however, is something that I shall keep close to my chest; if they don’t want us, I’m not going to give them free publicity!

Knowing when to stop tinkering on a movie is a real art. There are a couple of minor things I did to KillerKiller in the week before delivery that I really wish I could go back and undo; there comes a point where you lose perspective as an editor. You’ve seen the film so many times that you start to see any and all alterations as being positive just because they provide something new to look at. And I’m damn sure that I don’t want that to happen with The Devil’s Music.

When it gets to this point in post, I start chomping at the bit to get the movie seen. We’ve got our usual low-key cast and crew screening scheduled for next month, and I’m looking forward to people’s reactions. It’s a cracking flick, in my humble opinion.