The indie movie life

So, we’ve leaked the trailer for The Devil’s Music, and we should be finished in post by around Christmas and hopefully hitting festivals shortly afterwards. I don’t want to say a vast amount more about the movie just yet; there will be plenty of time for that later, (although those itching for a bit more Erika might wish to hit ).

Heard recently that KillerKiller has been sold to Germany and Russia. Personally, I’m hoping for a dub rather than a sub, because I’d love to hear Richard Collins’ already out-there portrayal of Perry dubbed into Russian.

A couple of folks have been asking when Hellbride is likely to hit DVD.. The answer is that we’re planning to hang onto the rights until Cannes next year, where we can hopefully sign several different territories at once. So things might take a little longer, but it’ll be worth it in the long run! As for TDM‘s release.. It’s not flat-out horror, so we’re looking at getting it shown in a few places that we’ve never approached with more straightforward genre fare. We’ve shown the mid-cut to a handful of test subjects and its getting big thumbs-ups. Which is always nice.