KillerKiller on Amazon

Just a quickie, (running about like crazy today), to let you guys know that KillerKiller has appeared for pre-order on if you fancy getting your order in early. It’s the US version, (thus Region 1), but it might be a little wait for the R2 and surely everyone’s multi-region nowadays, aren’t they? August 7th is the street date.

We’ve also just got our first images from pre-production for the Secret Project in. I’m dying to show you, but I can’t.

Rock on,

Releases, rereleases and that pesky secret project

After a week’s delay, the UK rerelease of TrashHouse is actually in the shops today. It’s got a funky red cover, all the same special features as the last release but is only £5.99 (or even less if you’re lucky). Go and buy it, because it’s great.

KK’s release, on the other hand, has been confirmed as August 7th in the US. You can preview the artwork, (and pre-order if you live in the USA) over at;

And the secret project is progressing at a fantastic rate. We’ve sorted a lot of casting, we’re deep in pre-production and we’re shooting in August. Pippa’s fully producing this time, freeing me up to concentrate on writing and directing, which is a real relief. I only wish that I could say more, but it wouldn’t be wise at this stage.

In other news, I’ve also been taken on to direct the video for Jim Bob’s next single, Battling the Bottle. It’s the former Carter USM frontman’s first single from his new album A Humpty Dumpty Thing, out later this year.

All good stuff…