Secret Project

TrashHouse is getting rereleased on UK DVD on June 11th on the Shriek label. It’s got nice new red packaging and you can pre-order it for the frankly obscenely cheap price of £3.99 including delivery from HMV. So what are you waiting for? Get your arse over to HMV..;-1;-1;-1&sku=652691

York Entertainment tell me that KillerKiller is set for US DVD release in September, and I should get a firm date for that within the next week or so.

Hellbride is currently heading out to various critics and festivals; we’ll keep you updated when it crops up somewhere near you.

BrainBath is set to be the biggest budget, most brain-mashingly dark, surreal and funny Jinx Media movie yet. We’re putting together the funding as we speak, (potential investors feel free to get in touch at ) so things might take a little bit longer as the various elements fall into place.

This therefore frees me up for…

The Secret Project.

Can’t say a word yet. I just thought I best explain why I’m still so bloody busy all the time…