Hellbride Screening Aftermath

Been a hell of a couple of weeks, culminating in last Friday’s double whammy of;

1) Hellbride having two evening screenings at the london BFI office, (cast and crew/invite only), which went fantastically well.
2) The conclusion of the KillerKiller delivery list saga, meaning that all of the masters are now winging their way over to York Entertainment in California and the movie is now officially ‘out of our hands’

The screenings were great. My favourites of the cast/crew premieres of all three flicks, by quite a long chalk. The latter screening in particular was extremely lively and loud, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting cheerfully drunk and smoking a large cigar at the aftershow, (I quit the ciggies over two years ago, but allow myself the occasional celebratory cigar; this one came courtesy of Dutch Dore-Boise). We had a couple of guests from Gorezone and Horrortalk in attendance, (Rosie and Dan; hi guys if you’re reading), and hopefully they didn’t have to put up with too much drunken bollocks from us all.

The start of this week has been somewhat quieter, naturally; we’ve been sorting out some publicity and reviews whilst I’ve largely been working on the Brainbath screenplay, which I’m jazzed as hell about, (I keep reading sections of it out to Pip whilst she’s trying to work on other stuff, which must drive her insane. I’m lucky I find my own jokes so funny).

Good times. And more to come.

First Hellbride Screening Tonight

Yup, it’s that time. The cast and crew screening of Hellbride is happening tonight, which is something I’ve been really looking forward to… Less than half a dozen people have seen the movie thus far, and tonight around 80-odd folks will get to check it out. Hope they like it!

I’ve been so madly busy with the KillerKiller delivery list that I haven’t had time to draw breath or blog lately, so apologies for that. Delivery lists, for those who don’t know, are the fun lists of items that a producer has to deliver to a distribution company when their film gets signed. Certain things are pretty standard, but some stuff varies from contract to contract and there are usually some surprises. Much as we’ve had to run around like mad to get the list crossed off, I’m extremely glad that we didn’t have to deliver an item that I saw on a delivery list for one of the companies that we didn’t sign with; a digibeta of an ‘airline version’ with no sexual content, nudity, violence or bad language at all, yet the same running time. Trying to get that together for KillerKiller might have been sort of fun but I doubt if the result would have been watchable…