New Forum

Just spent the last few hours tweaking around trying to get a new forum for Jinx Media. I’ve set one up and there’s a link to it at the bottom of

Go, sign up and start talking, otherwise it’s just me talking to myself and what fun’s that? Well, other than this blog, obviously, which is a whole ton of fun with a slice of lime. As a special incentive, there’s a video clip linked to in the TrashHouse thread that was removed from the Behind-The-Scenes documentary due to a very high swear-count. So go and join up, watch the clip and then talk about it. Go on, otherwise I’ve wasted a whole fucking afternoon when I should have been editing Hellbride.

Screenings, screeners, screaming…

A good few folk have seen KillerKiller now. There’s a review over on the IMDB at from a chap who was at the HorrorFest screening, and there will be more going up online over the next few days, I should imagine. A couple of other reviewers also now have screener DVDs, and I’m sure they’ll be letting the world know their thoughts before too long.

Oh, we had a Fangoria News item go up last week, too. You can find that over at if you fancy checking it out.

‘Crazy Man Michael’ also posted a nice review of TrashHouse on the British Horror Films boards… You can find that at

I’ve been having trouble staying focused over the last few days. Trying to juggle screenings, sending out screeners, keep KK‘s profile high whilst actually working on Hellbride to ensure that we make the delivery date. I wish there was more than one of me; I wish the company was bringing in enough money to have more than just me as an employee! Hey, maybe you can help. Go and buy copies of TrashHouse for everyone you know, seeing as it’s under a fiver. Go on… I’ll wait. Just click here…

Oh, you’re back already? How many did you buy? Really? That many? Maybe you should go back and buy one more for luck. Even if you fucking hate the film, the special features are really good. Honest.

Ok, now that you’ve helped me on my path to world domination, maybe I’ll share a secret with you. I’m probably having the most difficulty focusing because I’ve got a project rattling around inside my head that’s just desperate to be produced. I’ve been working on the treatment for BrainBath for a little while now, and it’s something very very special. But it’s going to take money. More than the last three flicks combined, to be honest. But, my God, it’s going to be worth it.

I don’t want to be in post-production. I want to be back in pre-production on a new one. But I guess that’s always the way of things…

KillerKiller is locked

All done and dusted. In the bag. A finished feature film, all shiny and ready for its first ever official screening tomorrow.

The screening at HorrorFest is apparently at around 5pm on Saturday, for anyone who was planning on making the trip just for us. There’s loads of other brilliant stuff on that day, mind you, so you might want to turn up for the whole thing regardless, (apparently, that day’s screenings now start at 12.30 rather than the advertised 2pm). Going to be great to see it with a horror crowd, and I’m interested as to what they make of it!

A bit torn as to how best to spend my day, to be honest. Cutting KK meant that every day had a structure. I’m torn between badgering more industry types to come to next Thursday’s screening and doing a few casual passes at cutting the new Hellbride scenes that we shot last week. Hmm. It’s nice not to feel like the clock’s ticking away quite so hard!

This week…

KillerKiller leaves the comfort of the Jinx Media office and gets seen by people. Actual, genuine people.
First up, we have a tiny cast & crew screening on Friday, followed by the public premiere in Portsmouth this Saturday at HorrorFest, ( ), and then a couple of industry screenings for press, distribution companies and so on next week.
Is it finally finished? Neeeeeeeearly. I need to tweak 12 different things, (mostly sound levels), before I consider it finished. Only a day’s work, and by tomorrow the sucker should be locked.
So, has anyone seen it yet? Other than those working very very closely with it, (Phil Sheldon, for example, who has produced a wonderful score to accompany the spectacular soundscapes of Crystal Plumage Musics), the only person to have seen it is M, (who you can find out about at ), who saw a very nearly final fine cut last week and really dug it. Which is good.
We had reshoots for Hellbride last week, too. One scene was being reshot because the lighting on the original shoot for that particular scene was awful, (my fault entirely; it was a second unit thing and our DP wasn’t even there), and another brand new scene with a brand new character was filmed to help expand a section of the film that felt a little rushed in the first assembly. I’m chuffed with how it all went, and it was great to see the cast and crew again. Bless ’em, they all rock.
Now, time to get these 12 things sorted out!