Take a breath time. I always seem to end up writing pretty generic stuff in this blog, (auditions going well/I am tired/writing going well/I am tired, etc.), but don’t often scratch below that surface. Usually this is because I’m operating in something of a blind panic, and if I’m blogging I pretty much always feel that there’s something else I should be doing.

This afternoon, however, I have elected to work out in my garden. It’s a glorious day, I’m sitting under the shade of a tree and tapping on my laptop. My laptop has no internet connection. No wireless clever stuff, just an old laptop from about 2001 that I can write on. This means no distractions; the chiming of email arriving is another thing that usually breaks the blog spell, especially if it’s the sort of email that actually requires attention. Sod ’em. They can chime all they like in my office, because I can’t hear them in the garden.

See, back when I set up Jinx Media and elected to work for myself a couple of years back, this was the sort of thing I always pictured. Laptop, nice day, outside working at my own speed and doing what I felt like. It never seems to work out like that, though. Turns out that rather than the hippy rebel I always thought he’d be, the boss side of my psyche is actually a slave driving bastard.

Shit. I lied by omission. I forgot to tell you that I’d brought the phone out with me. It has rung, it is important and I need to leave.

What a piss-take.

Maybe next time.

One more batch of auditions…

…and we’re done. Couldn’t drag it out any longer than that even if I wanted to; we’ve got costumes that need to be made, and to get made they need measurements, and to get measurements we need to know who’ll be wearing the costumes. So I need to quit stalling and make a couple more final decisions.

Our designer Lisa sent me through the wardrobe breakdown yesterday. Lot of outfits to source, (although I’ve already got several dozen to sort through, also courtesy of Lisa). We’ll get there, but as I mentioned in the first bit, measurements would probably help!

The screenplays are officially locked, and some have been sent out to cast members, (if any cast members are reading this and haven’t got them yet, they’ll be there soon!). The screenplays being locked means that now every time I drastically change something I have to apologise to a whole load of people. Doesn’t stop me doing it, of course. Just makes me apologise.

It’s my wife’s birthday today, which means we’ll go out for a nice meal this evening and I can finally stop thinking about these movies for a few hours…