Too much, too many, too few

Trying to gather together ‘To Do’ lists at this stage in post-production is borderline impossible. Too many things. The old line about how to eat an elephant, (“a little bit at a time”), has never felt more appropriate.

Casting has been going fairly well. We’ve made a couple of decisions that we’re absolutely delighted with, but we’ve still got some holes in the cast list that we just haven’t been able to fill to our satisfaction. Journey’s end for a few roles, but the quest continues for many more.

Been getting to grips with a whole new bunch of technology, too. Since we’re shooting both flicks in High Definition, our trusty old edit suite is set to gather dust and I’m left looking at a bunch of new hardware and software and praying that the learning curves don’t prove too steep… When it comes to Non-Linear editing packages there are always quite a few familiar elements, but it’s the little things that trip you up.

Had a chance to play around shooting some test footage, though, and it looks pretty damn remarkable. Ain’t technology grand?