Four Weeks to DVD Release

Been engrossed in the KK and HB scripts, and trying to work out this here cashflow situation which has been stopping me from setting cast, crew and shooting dates for both upcoming films.

Four weeks to the TrashHouse DVD launch, of course. The artwork’s all set, ( and you can now see the cover over at ), but I still haven’t seen the final version of the DVD itself. That’ll probably arrive towards the end of next week.

Got a lot of CVs to sift through for the next two projects. Just wish I was able to set a shoot date, but it’s still not possible. Looks like there’s a chance that I won’t be able to manage shooting entirely back-to-back, and that KillerKiller might end up getting shot a few months before HellBride. We shall see.

TrashHouse gets rated

My first ever experience with a politician was about the BBFC. I was 12 years old, and a local Lib Dem candidate came knocking on my parents’ door and chatted to them. At some point I wandered into the lounge, and he asked me if I had any questions about the way the country was run. My response was along the lines of;

“Yeah. How come I can watch The Karate Kid, Big Trouble In Little China, Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone and films like that at the cinema, where they are PGs, but then I can’t rent them on video because they go up to 15s?”

This particular local candidate was the most efficient politician I’ve ever met, (and therefore, naturally, lost the election). As a non-voting 12 year old offspring of two non-Lib Dem parents, I got written responses from both David Puttnam and James Ferman, (who was head of the BBFC at the time).

As I got older, I used to enjoy toying with the BBFC from time to time. I’d book a place on their ‘discussion afternoons’ and point out flaws in the system, (“If you’re only allowed to say ‘fuck’ once on a 12 rated video, and you put two 12 rated movies on one double-bill tape with one ‘fuck’ in each, does that make the double-bill a 15?”).

I’ve always had a fascination with them, and yesterday we stopped the flirting and got serious. One thing led to another, and they rated my movie.

TrashHouse gets rated

I’d been looking forward to getting our certificate, but now I feel rather like I’ve been told off by a prudish aunt.

Language: Frequent, strong” – 8 or so ‘fucks’ doesn’t count as ‘frequent’, surely? If 8 counts as ‘frequent’, then what do they call The Devil’s Rejects, which has got 550+?

(Goes and checks)

Oh, that counts as “Frequent” as well, apparently.

And despite the fact we got a 15 in the end, our trailer got an 18. So the disc as a whole probably will.

After 20 years of foreplay, I just feel rather used. Did they really care about SpaceHunter all those years ago?

It was in 3D, you know.