DVD Delay

Ah, bugger. Our release date has been put back nearly a month, due to some stuff out of our control involving High Street shops. TrashHouse will now hit the shelves on 20th Feb 2006, although I’m sure that the online retailers will still honour pre-orders.
I’m dropping by the set of a movie called The Prey tomorrow, ( there’s a rather flash website over at http://www.thepreymovie.com ), where I’ll be doing a cameo as a paramedic. The movie looks to be shaping up extremely impressively, and should be a real treat for horror fans.
I’ve also recently contributed a sketch to the cheerfully bizarre podcast known as ‘Hammy House of Haw Haw’. You can download the show from this link here (and if you’re curious as to which sketch is mine, it starts with the line “It’s a horrible night, isn’t it?”)
Podcasting. Way of the future, don’t ya know?