I’m Pat Higgins. I write the words for movies.

I also talk to other people about writing the words for movies.

Sometimes I direct and produce movies, too, or rewrite the words that other people have written for movies.

It’s a whole words/movies/talking thing.


Praise for me and my stuff:

‘One of the masters of horror’ – THE DARK SIDE magazine

‘One of the key names in the British horror revival’ – SCREAM magazine

‘The Tarantino of budget gore flicks for style and dialogue’ – SFX magazine

‘One of the highlights of the weekend.  Informative, clever and, as expected with Pat’s experience in stand-up, very funny’ – NERDLY (on Pat’s live show ‘Fear and Film’)

‘Essex horror auteur’ – The Guardian Guide

‘A cult favourite’ – Fangoria

‘Essex auteur’ – EMPIRE magazine

‘The buildup of tension and horror that takes place in here is outstanding and Higgins makes the entire thing feel like the real thing’ – AintItCool News (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Pat Higgins is a funny guy’ – DVD & Blu-Ray Review magazine

‘Funny lines and unexpected developments’ – Kim Newman (on ‘Hellbride’)

(one of the) ‘Most promising British horror directors’ – Fangoria

‘I think the dialogue comparisons to Pulp Fiction are spot on.. some of the exchanges between the characters are that good’ – HorrorTalk (on ‘Hellbride’)

‘I have no doubt that given a lump of cash, Higgins is capable of giving the world a lasting horror classic’ – Best Horror Movies

‘Frequently very funny, with a smart and unpredictable story’ – Total Film (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Higgins has a near-masterpiece on his hands’ – Cinema Crazed (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Psychological horror at its best’ – Horrorview (on The Devil’s Music)

‘A brilliant premise, drawing on great traditions within the genre and without’ – Cinescare (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Brilliant! Highly recommended on all counts, a gem to be experienced’ – HorrorNews (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Absolutely terrific… The best film I’ve seen so far this year’ – MJ Simpson (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)