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“A Riot From Start to Finish” – SexGoreMutants

“I think the dialogue comparisons to Pulp Fiction are spot on.. some of the exchanges between the characters are that good” – HorrorTalk


Lee Parker and Nicole Meadows are all set to be married. There are, however, one or two problems on the horizon. Nicole’s engagement ring is cursed; once the property of a wronged bride who went on a killing spree, the ring has a history of bringing death and destruction to all who come in contact with it.

Not only that, but Nicole’s father has become involved in a fearsome dispute with a local mob boss; a situation that looks perilously close to spiralling into bloody violence at any minute.

Also in the mix are a massively unreliable Best Man who yearns to reunite with his ex-girlfriend who happens to be the bridesmaid, and an eccentric expert on the occult who has been hunting for the cursed ring for years.

On the wedding day, the ceremony will erupt into bloody violence, supernatural vengeance and utter mayhem. On the bright side, there will be cake and dancing, too.

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