October 19th 2017

TEDx Chelmsford: with my talk “Childhood Fears are Awesome!”

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January 20th 2018

Horror-on-Sea Festival: with full-length show “FEAR & FILM”

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April 12th 2018

Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester: with full-length show “FEAR & FILM”

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May 27th 2018

Downham Market Town Hall, Norfolk: “FEAR & FILM” as part of RUINED CHILDHOOD

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November 13th 2018

Railway Hotel, Southend: with full-length show “FEAR & FILM”

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January 12th 2019

Park Inn Hotel, Southend: with full-length show “PAT HIGGINS VS THE SCISSORS MAN” as part of Horror-on-Sea

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About the Live Stuff

I spend quite a lot of my time talking about screenwriting and filmmaking.

Sometimes this happens at colleges and universities.

Sometimes it happens at one-day screenwriting masterclasses (which are usually awesome and great fun).

Sometimes it happens at film festivals, like the two live shows embedded below.

Please note: both live shows include swearing and some clips that may not be safe for work. Well, depends where you work, I guess. If you work from home, they’re probably safe for there.

Well, unless a kid walks in or something. Either way, just don’t blame me, alright?

Werewolves, Cheerleaders & Chainsaws: Filming Horror for No Bloody Money (Pat Higgins Live at Horror on Sea 2013) from jinxmedia on Vimeo.

How Not To Make a Horror Movie (Pat Higgins Live at Horror-on-Sea 2015) from jinxmedia on Vimeo.

My 2018 live show FEAR & FILM is also available, either free to Amazon Prime subscribers or to rent or buy if you’re not. Click the image below to head on over.