How Not to Make a Horror Movie

Every year, I write a new live appearance/show/thing and try and get it up online if possible. The 2014 show ‘Fake Blood, Real Guts’ was great fun (although I’ve yet to sort out a decent edited version).

The 2015 show is called ‘How Not to Make a Horror Movie’ and focuses on all the dreadful shit that can go wrong on the way to creating cinematic gold.

Anyway, the first date is Southend’s Horror on Sea festival on Sat 24th Jan:

Here’s the blurb;

Pat Higgins (Death Tales, The Devil’s Music, Strippers vs Werewolves) has made a lot of horror movies. He’s also made a lot of mistakes. Join him for a fast-paced romp through all the horrible ways that your masterpiece can screw up. From power failures to casting nightmares, these are the terrifying true stories of how NOT to make a horror movie…

Hope to see you there.


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