Fake Blood, Real Guts!

Hey folks

Sorry for the extended period of radio silence since our movie The Devil’s Music hit VOD (if you haven’t seen it yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Check it out RIGHT HERE). We’ve been plotting and scheming our next wave of cool stuff for you all. Still, if you’re suffering withdrawal from my ramblings about various stuff besides horror, you can check out my articles for Huffington Post.

A couple of announcements, both relating to the Horror-on-Sea festival in my hometown of Southend-on-Sea in January. First of all, this will be the venue for the first performance of my 2014 live show/masterclass/thing where I talk about making horror movies, which is called Fake Blood, Real Guts! It’s at 3pm on Saturday 18th January.

Fake Blood, Real Guts

Elsewhere on the packed festival programme, you can catch the first ever screening of the Special Edition of KillerKiller, our twist on the slasher movie.┬áThe movie has been long unavailable in the UK for long and boring reasons, and this will be the first festival screening of the flick since 2007. It’s also the VERY FIRST SCREENING ANYWHERE of the new version, with dozens of little alterations along the way. That’s happening on the Sunday.

KillerKiller Special Edition

It’s going to be a brilliant festival, and I really hope to meet you there.

Incidentally, if you didn’t see LAST year’s live show, you can still check it out for free (although it probably won’t be free forever) by checking out the player at the foot of this post.

Rock on,