Indie Movies Online at Cannes

I’m kind of gutted that I won’t be at Cannes this year. I love it and I want to get back there.. Hopefully next year. In the meantime, our good friends over at IMO have set up a special Cannes Film Festival site to help me keep up to date with what’s going on and miss it even more. And whilst you’re over in the IMO neck of the woods, don’t forget that if you’re based in the UK you can still check out our award-winning flick The Devil’s Music by clicking below..

And if you’ve already seen TDM, why not check out one of the other movies on the site?

When I haven’t been getting all nostalgic about long-closed cinemas or doing Q&A sessions, I’ve been working on the House on the Witchpit screenplay again. Don’t know if it’s my mood in general, but the pendulum is swinging back to slightly lighter tonally once more. Maybe I just can’t handle writing dark stuff for months..

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