Fake Blood on the Lens

Got some live stuff coming up.

I’ll be presenting a short workshop about the low-budget horror industry. This is part of the Southend Film Festival (http://www.southendfilmfestival.com/)and should be good fun. 12pm at Southend Central Library on 1st May. Free to get in, first come first served. It’s gonna be like a cut down version of the full Fake Blood on the Lens show, which can next be caught at.. Oh, more of that later.

The workshop is followed by a special one-off screening of The Devil’s Music over at The Dixon Studio (next door to the Palace Theatre) in Westcliff, Essex. The show’s at 2.45 and I’ll be around for Q&A, tickets are only £2 from the Palace Theatre box office (or via http://www.thecliffspavilion.co.uk/ as soon as they update the film list.. We’re a replacement for ‘Grave Tales’ on the original listings)

Then, there’s the full Fake Blood on the Lens show taking place at 7pm, 17th June as part of the Southend Festival (different to the Southend Film Festival.. I know it gets confusing). Not sure of prices or tickets yet, I’ll let you know closer to the time.

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