Bordello Death Tales screening

Saturday rolled around, and we had the first screening of Bordello Death Tales. We held it in a seriously unconventional venue, (Gallery 491 in Leytonstone), which had a giant paper-mache squid suspended from the ceiling in the screening room.

Myself, Jim and Al were interviewed by a film crew from Gorezone (for inclusion on a future covermounted DVD), including a section where I was interviewed by a rotting puppet cat. The cat also had a little puppet cock poking out from underneath its Megan Fox t-shirt; a detail that’s bound to occur to me when I’m sitting in an old folks’ home one day, and prompt the staff to think that I’ve finally gone off the deep end.

The screening was pretty terrific, and crowded enough that I actually ended up having to stand through it (seeing as I missed the scramble for seats as I was onstage with the other two introducing the movie!). I’m sure that a review or two will crop up soon enough. I know I’ve sung the praises of the flick before, but it really is pretty damn funky, with something for every type of horror fan.

Of course, Hellbride hit DVD in the UK this week too. Good to see it on shelves across the country. I’ve been keeping an eye out for print coverage but I’ll probably miss some; any of you folks out there spot some coverage in a mag I might have missed drop me a line via Twitter and point me in the right direction.

House on the Witchpit writing still going well. Cannot wait to shoot the damn thing, but it still might be a while.

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