Big week approaching..

On Saturday, Bordello Death Tales gets played before an audience for the first time. It’s a movie that’s been hovering in post-production for far longer than we ever intended; we’d intended to do it pretty quick and dirty, and anticipated locking some time towards the end of 2008. Buuuut, things get polished, then tweaked, then changed, and the whole process took an awful lot longer than we’d intended.

As I’ve previously mentioned on this blog, screening a movie for the first time is always a strange experience. As a filmmaker, you’ll have seen the movie a million times before, but you’ve never truly seen it until you’ve seen it with an audience. Every tiny flaw that you thought you could get away with suddenly looks absolutely massive. Every scene that you felt you’d cut down to the bone could suddenly use another 40 seconds cut from it to really make it zing. Oh, the wisdom of the filmmaker watching his movie with a crowd for the first time. If only he could go back and tell his previous self the things he’s learned. At least this time I’ve got two fellow filmmakers enjoying the same experience; because BDT is, of course, the child of three fathers we all get to worry equally. I’ve never had anyone to share the experience with before.

In other news, Hellbride finally hits UK DVD on Monday. You can go and pre-order a copy off Play for a meagre £2.99 by clicking on the lovely cover below. Go do it now, it’s okay, I’ll wait.

There, back now? Good. Hope you enjoy it. It’s been interesting to see the reactions we’ve been getting from the UK reviewers as opposed to how the flick went down in the US. There are new reviews springing up daily.

Elsewhere in my ridiculous life, I’ve been asked to make a couple of festival appearances over the next few months. The first will be at the Southend Film Festival, where I’ll be talking about low budget horror on Saturday May 1st. Not quite sure what people are going to want to hear; if you’ve got any ideas or requests feel free to hit the contact buttons.

I’ll keep you posted as to how the screening goes.

Rock on,

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