Post-Christmas Avatar Blues

Well, it was a nice Christmas and New Year. Highlights included Rage Against The Machine getting to the Christmas Number One (which was mainly fun because it demonstrated the very public breaking of a pre-determined narrative, and proved that we actually still have a say in popular culture) and the 3D overload that was Avatar.. I walked out of it feeling like I’d just seen something incredible, but the next day couldn’t quite shake the feeling that if I’d seen it in 2D on a small screen I’d have been mocking it quite a lot. If you haven’t seen it yet, *please* check it out on the big screen in 3D, if only so when you inevitably see it in a smaller, flatter, rather more flaccid form in the years to come you can feel a little bit embarrassed about just how much you liked it.

The Devil’s Music also finally came out on DVD, of course, which was great. From the feedback I’ve received so far, folks seem to be really digging the disc.

We’ve also been looking around for a decent screening venue for the cast and crew screening of Bordello Death Tales, prior to letting critics look at the sucker. I always feel that cast and crew should see a movie first.. The idea of a critic seeing a flick before one of the cast does just feels wrong somehow, but this screening has been a long time coming. Hopefully not much longer. The problem seems to be that all the venues are either too big or too small; there are a lot of screening rooms with 35-odd seats, there are a lot of cinemas with 300-odd, but there aren’t all that many with around 80.

And, of course, the writing continues. In an ideal world, we’d do another back-to-back shoot in the summer of 2011 the same way that we did in the summer of 2006, but I sadly can’t see the money coming together so I’ll have to flip a coin..

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