TDM DVD, Christmas approaches..

First things first, my advance copy of Lono Entertainment’s US release of The Devil’s Music turned up this week. It’s out in the US on December 22nd. Chucking my copy at my Xbox 360 seems to suggest that the disc hasn’t actually been region locked, which is rather great news for those in the UK who have checked out the movie via IndieMoviesOnline..

(cue blatant plug..)

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..and are eager for a special edition DVD. For those in the US, the DVD will be your first chance to check the movie out, and I really really hope that you dig it. Lono have done a fantastic job; the special features are great, (including two terrific Easter Eggs for those who enjoy hunting things down!) and give a whole different perspective on the flick. So here’s the link.. (Aw, come on, you KNEW another plug was coming..)


Right, that should have sorted out all of your Devil’s Music needs for the festive season. What else do I have to tell you wonderful cats about?

(This is possibly a diversionary tactic, as Pip is currently out buying a Christmas tree, and I really should be getting all the other decorations down from the loft. But I don’t fancy doing that just yet, so I thought I’d chat to you lot instead)

Bordello Death Tales inches ever closer to being actually seen by people. It really won’t be long now, I promise. And it’s well worth the wait.

Went to see New Moon during the week, and probably shouldn’t discuss my feelings about it for fear of alienating a whole bunch of Twilight fans. I also really hate pouring scorn on things that make people happy But then again I don’t really think that Twilight fans are my particular demographic anyway, so hell with it.

New Moon is a terrible film. Terrible in a way that few films manage, and certainly one that makes the first movie in the series look like a masterpiece. From the CGI pantomime bears who pass for werewolves through to the frankly jaw-dropping Council of Vampire Stereotypes, this is a rotten flick. But the thing that makes it stand out from the pack, the thing that truly raises it (or sinks it) to a new level of terrible is its total lack of any sort of humour. There is, if memory serves, a grand total of one line which is meant to be funny in some way, and even that is a sort of quasi-funny line (it’s a ‘put the dog out’ riff in reference to the werewolf). The audience at the screening I was at fell upon that line as if it were some kind of life raft; they hooted, laughed and howled, because the rest of the flick hadn’t given them any chance at all to do so. At least not deliberately. You can laugh at the movie, but you can’t laugh with it because it contains no sense of humour whatsoever.

Having said that, I emerged from the screening in a great mood. Films as entertainingly bad as New Moon don’t come along very often, and I didn’t feel shortchanged of my cash.

Elsewhere in sequelville, I checked out American Pie presents The Book of Love, which is number seven for those of us counting. It’s much what you’d expect, but it also contains a sequence which cheerfully wanders out of ‘gross out’ territory and into ‘massively disturbing’. It plays like something from a Takashi Miike movie, and the happy music over the top makes it worse. Pip had fallen asleep by this point in the movie, and I briefly wondered whether I had, too, and was actually dreaming. You’ll know it when you see it.

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Right, better go get that stuff out of the loft.

Rock on,

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