TrashHouse US and public speaking…

A little while back, we reclaimed the US rights for TrashHouse as the company that owned them had hit distribution problems in that territory. Thus, for the first time in a couple of years, the US rights for TrashHouse are actually up for grabs at just the point that the flick is getting a bit of coverage again due to the KillerKiller US release and the UK TrashHouse rerelease. In theory, the timing couldn’t be better. In actuality, however, we’re so madly busy with the various other stuff on our plate that we haven’t really got the time to go pimping the flick to potential distribs, (although Pip has managed to make a few inroads this week). So if any decent horror distribs who deal with the US DVD market happen to be reading this, feel free to get in touch.
We made delivery on the Jim Bob video for his new single Battling The Bottle last week; it should hopefully be turning up on the music channels in the next month. Everyone’s very happy with how the shoot went and how the video turned out, so as an experiment into music videos it was very much a success.
Since I’ve been asked to speak at a couple of places at the beginning of next year, I’ve put together an hour-long spoken word show about low-budget film production. I’ve called it Fake Blood on the Lens. Should be fun, although I haven’t really spoken in public since quitting stand-up many years ago. I’ll run dates once they’re confirmed; if you’re interested in booking the show for your college/film club/witches coven or whatever then drop a line through to Tim James at and he’ll sort something out.
And, even despite all that, I somehow managed to drag the secret project through to first assembly. We sat and watched it twice through yesterday. Got another long afternoon at Final Cut Pro ahead of me…

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