Shooting Movie #4

Principal photography for movie #4 (the secret project, as mentioned in the rather nice Fangoria article over at ) has been running for the last two weeks. We’ve been moving around aaaaaaaall over the shop this time. Sunday we were shooting in Dartford, yesterday in Portsmouth, today in Southend, tomorrow in Lewisham and so on. It’s a far cry from just being able to plonk our asses down in the Seedbed Centre in Southend for three weeks and shoot there, but it means an awful lot of varied and interesting locations hitting the lens.

Jesus, it’s tiring, though. Feel like we haven’t stopped for ages; even though we did theoretically get two days off last week, we ended up spending those two days tidying up loose ands and so didn’t really get to relax.

The flick is still staying secret for the moment, though. It’s not a straightforward deal like the others; we’ve got to work out how best to approach releasing it into the wild.

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