Pre-Prod, sly filming and zorbing…

Went zorbing on Saturday, thanks to the generosity of the mighty Richard Collins, (Perry in KK, James in TrashHouse). Pip & I opted for the water based version, where they put you inside a great big ball, chuck a few buckets of water in with you and push you down a hill. It was utterly magnificent and I’d love to have another go some time; maybe trying the ‘harness’ version which looks a bit more intense. We did it via in case the description has piqued anyone’s curiosity enough to want to give it a go.

Pre-prod on the mysterious movie #4 is drawing to a close, and we’ve got rehearsals this week from Wednesday onwards. Just like last year, I find myself sitting in a room full of props and strange objects. We’ve got a final location expedition this afternoon, and then it’s going to be all systems go until the end of the month.

We’ve already got a few sly scenes in the can, though, and I think it’s going to work out nicely. This one’s quite music intensive, and our old collaborator Phil Sheldon has been working himself like crazy to get all of our tunes in place.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends…

(Oh, and don’t forget to order KK on DVD. It hits the shops in the US tomorrow)

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