And BrainBath joins the party…

Anyone who has visited in the last six months or so might have noticed a mysterious banner for BrainBath which when clicked goes… Dum dum DUUUUUUMMM… Precisely nowhere. Thing is, it’s always tricky with things in pre-production to know exactly when to announce them and make them official. One or two of the Jinx Media projects that I mentioned in interviews between the completion of TrashHouse and the commencement of production on KillerKiller and Hellbride have yet to solidify, but it’s always difficult to keep your mouth shut when things are at that exciting time when the project is coming together.

So fuck it, I might as well beanspill now and repent at leisure.

The next Jinx Media flick to hit the lens will be BrainBath: a futuristic comedy/horror with far and away our most insane script yet. We’re in the process of sorting out finance at the moment, (had a very positive meeting on that very subject yesterday), but it’s all looking good for us to get together a significantly higher budget than our movies thus far. The script isn’t finished yet, (Jesus, we work hard here, but there are limits… ), but a certain popular character from one of our other flicks makes a return appearance in the current draft. And there are an awful lot of brains in it. Beyond that, we’re keeping quiet.

I know it’s probably odd to be talking about this, seeing as most readers of this blog are still waiting patiently for KillerKiller and Hellbride. Rest assured, however, we’ll have some distribution details on those two bad boys before long, and good things come to those who wait.

Still not sure if I’m going to make it out to Cannes this year, although it’s looking altogether more possible than it has done most other years, (I won’t be chained to an edit suite in that particular month, at least). Be good to finally meet up with a few international contacts and hopefully make a few new ones; we shall see.

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