Screenings, screeners, screaming…

A good few folk have seen KillerKiller now. There’s a review over on the IMDB at from a chap who was at the HorrorFest screening, and there will be more going up online over the next few days, I should imagine. A couple of other reviewers also now have screener DVDs, and I’m sure they’ll be letting the world know their thoughts before too long.

Oh, we had a Fangoria News item go up last week, too. You can find that over at if you fancy checking it out.

‘Crazy Man Michael’ also posted a nice review of TrashHouse on the British Horror Films boards… You can find that at

I’ve been having trouble staying focused over the last few days. Trying to juggle screenings, sending out screeners, keep KK‘s profile high whilst actually working on Hellbride to ensure that we make the delivery date. I wish there was more than one of me; I wish the company was bringing in enough money to have more than just me as an employee! Hey, maybe you can help. Go and buy copies of TrashHouse for everyone you know, seeing as it’s under a fiver. Go on… I’ll wait. Just click here…

Oh, you’re back already? How many did you buy? Really? That many? Maybe you should go back and buy one more for luck. Even if you fucking hate the film, the special features are really good. Honest.

Ok, now that you’ve helped me on my path to world domination, maybe I’ll share a secret with you. I’m probably having the most difficulty focusing because I’ve got a project rattling around inside my head that’s just desperate to be produced. I’ve been working on the treatment for BrainBath for a little while now, and it’s something very very special. But it’s going to take money. More than the last three flicks combined, to be honest. But, my God, it’s going to be worth it.

I don’t want to be in post-production. I want to be back in pre-production on a new one. But I guess that’s always the way of things…

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