KillerKiller is locked

All done and dusted. In the bag. A finished feature film, all shiny and ready for its first ever official screening tomorrow.

The screening at HorrorFest is apparently at around 5pm on Saturday, for anyone who was planning on making the trip just for us. There’s loads of other brilliant stuff on that day, mind you, so you might want to turn up for the whole thing regardless, (apparently, that day’s screenings now start at 12.30 rather than the advertised 2pm). Going to be great to see it with a horror crowd, and I’m interested as to what they make of it!

A bit torn as to how best to spend my day, to be honest. Cutting KK meant that every day had a structure. I’m torn between badgering more industry types to come to next Thursday’s screening and doing a few casual passes at cutting the new Hellbride scenes that we shot last week. Hmm. It’s nice not to feel like the clock’s ticking away quite so hard!

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