Blazing through post for KK at a million miles an hour. Pip and I sat and watched the Mid-Cut yesterday. Working fantastically in most respects, with only a couple of sound problems, (largely echo related), some edits on the cheerleader sequence and some score elements stopping it from classing as a borderline Fine Cut. In other words, we’re on schedule for delivering the Final Cut by the second week of November.

Hellbride is taking a little longer. I’ve enlisted another fine editor, Mike Borland, to do some additional work on it to stop it from falling behind schedule whilst I busy myself with KillerKiller, and we’ve got a couple of days of reshoots and additional scenes scheduled for next month just to get it perfect.

I’m hoping to be able to announce the first KK public screening within the next few weeks, which will certainly be one for your calendar.

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