How far is too far?

See, I’m presented with interesting choices when cutting these movies. I can’t explain many of these situations without blowing scenes from the movies, which I have no desire whatsoever to do, but every day I’m faced with the question of how far is too far.

That’s not to imply that these flicks are ground-breakingly horrible, or anything like that. It’s just a matter of keeping the mood at the right pitch. It’s a really fine line, especially when dealing with violence in a horror-comedy, because nothing can make a laugh die quicker than hoding a shot of someone suffering for too long. Unless, strangely enough, you hold it for MUCH too long, after which it starts to become funny again.

I recut the opening scene of KK today, substantially changing it from the first assembly. In the course of these alterations, it lost one extremely nasty shot but gained another that seems edgier somehow even though it involves no actual violence.. Ah, it’s tough to explain this stuff without actual examples. Maybe in a few months time I’ll get to waffle on about it at length in a director’s commentary.

I’m still getting that impatient feeling in my gut where I want these movies to be finished so that I can watch them with other people. Ridiculous, considering we only finished shooting last month, but I’ve been licving with them for a lot longer than that now and I kind of want them to be done. The fun stuff is pretty much over, and the post schedule is, actually, bloody hard work. You get a few good bits each day; making something flow that didn’t previously, getting just the right sound sting on something, but it’s all a bit of a grind compared to shooting.

Ah, pay no attention to me. When I’m shooting I usually claim that editing’s my favourite bit.

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