Gonna be honest here, because it’s what you folks expect. I’ve been leaking. Just a bit, just a little. Just enough to get people interested.

Christ, that sounded disgusting. I’d really best clarify. The last thing in the world that any independent producer wants is for folks to be bored of hearing about the product by the time the product hits the market. Similarly, the other last thing would be for nobody to have heard of the thing at all. So it’s a balance.

It’s probably a bit early in the day to be releasing too much stuff from these flicks, but sitting on brilliant trailers and cool promo artwork gets to be difficult. So occasionally, I leak. Somewhere on the internet, on a message board or forum, I leaked the URL for the trailers for both movies. And now, of course I’ve just leaked the KK promo poster. All over this blog.

I’m sure at some point I’ll stop finding the word ‘leak’ amusing, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Oh, and the wrap party was great. It was terrific seeing so many folks again, and I was a very drunk bunny indeed by the time I crashed into bed.

Back to the edit suite. I might as well save that as my automatic signature from now on…


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