Doing the trailer tango

First up, I claimed at the end of the Hellbride shoot that my lovely cast and crew drenched me in fake blood. Many might believe that such a wonderful bunch of folks wouldn’t be capable of such a dirty deed, so I thought you might like evidence.

Second up is the matter of trailers. I’ve been editing like crazy to try and get a trailer for each flick ready for next Friday’s combined wrap party. I wish I could post these efforts online, but my marketing gurus advise me ‘not yet, not yet, you impatient youngling’. Because marketing gurus all talk like rejects from The Dark Crystal.

Spent last week in Italy, relaxing and recuperating before the real meat of post-production begins. Italy was gorgeous; first time I’ve been, and I don’t think it’ll be the last. Been sorting out a few bits of paperwork that have accrued in my absence, but I’d really better get back to that pesky edit now.

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