Two days in…

And everything is fantastic.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced two days on the trot of looking at that days’ rushes and being delighted with every scene prior to this shoot, but dammit if that’s not what’s happened since Monday. My cast is bloody brilliant and my crew rock the house.

We shot a scene yesterday which we’ll call ‘The Octopus Scene’ despite the fact that it hasn’t got an octopus in it. It’s always been one of my favourite scenes in the script, but I knew that it was likely to be a tricky one for the actors involved and was probably going to take a lot of time. Rebecca Herod and James Fisher absolutely knocked it out of the park, and it’s exactly as I wanted it. It was designed to be shot outside on a gloriously sunny day, and a gloriously sunny day appeared. And we were finished on the scene by lunchtime. I’m a very happy bunny.

Largely romantic stuff so far. Tomorrow’s all blood and needles, though.

I love my job.

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