Nasty and Nice

Weirdly, that’s how I’m thinking of my twin movies at the moment.

It’s odd, considering there are actually some fairly horrific bits in HellBride, that I’ve started thinking of it as ‘The Nice One’. Specifically, I’ve started wondering if maybe I shouldn’t let a few characters currently slated for unpleasant endings ‘off the hook’. Let a few live to fight another day. Remind myself that there isn’t any great big rule of screenwriting that states that a maximum of two characters can actually survive.

KillerKiller, on the other hand, was always set to be a fairly edgy proposition. The script keeps getting harder-edged with every rewrite, too, (although there are shitloads of jokes in there as well). I wrote out a list of gore shots the other day, (to send to a fledgling effects company who have kindly offered to help us out if they can), and there’s some fairly brutal stuff there. Especially when you see it written as a list. I’d love to share the list with you fine folks, but you know what they say about presents and Christmas Morning…

Been having some interesting ideas about casting, but we’ll have to see whether they pan out or not. I have begun making enquiries.

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