KillerKiller screenplay sort of complete

I use the term ‘complete’ in many different ways.

In one of the ways that I use it, the KillerKiller screenplay is finally complete. Naturally, it’s not ‘complete’ in the sense that most folks mean it, (and nor will it ever be, probably… I was still writing new lines on-set during the TrashHouse shoot and I very much doubt whether this will be any different), but if I went and shot it tomorrow it would make sense and have a beginning, middle and an end. It wouldn’t be the right length and it’d have bits that clunked badly, but it’d be a film. The polishing will now commence, probably lasting until the very last day of filming.

The HellBride screenplay isn’t complete yet, in ANY of the ways I use the term. It’s quite a long way off, to be honest, which is something that I really need to get sorted if I’m to succeed in shooting these buggers back to back in the early months of next year. For a while, HellBride was far further along in terms of development than KillerKiller, but KK had a real surge over the last month and appears to have crossed the finish line first. I really ought to get back to poor neglected HellBride right now.

And so I shall.

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