Writing amid destruction

Jinx Media only has an official office during shoots. For writing, pre-production and so on, I use an office in my home. That’s where I’m sitting at the moment, listening to the dulcet tones of my bathroom being torn to pieces by a cheerful team of guys who turned up bright and early this morning. They are going to rebuild it. By early next week, hopefully. Just wish I’d had the foresight to actually grab a shower before they showed up this morning. I’m sitting here, feeling somewhat grubby, failing to progress very far on the KillerKiller screenplay amid the sounds of destruction.

Next week is the Tokyo Film Festival, where TrashHouse is being represented and hopefully sold. Rather fancy heading out there myself, but that simply ain’t gonna happen.

Prices for shooting in that asylum I mentioned were somewhat higher than I’d hoped, but perhaps we’ll be able to work something out. Either way, we certainly won’t be able to base the majority of the KillerKiller shoot there, which is what I’d originally planned. Maybe we’ll grab some crucial shots there and intercut them; that seems the most practical plan at the moment.

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