Mailed out an update to my beloved TrashHouse cast and crew. Here it is with the business sensitive bits removed, (but otherwise intact);

* The UK DVD release date has been set for January 23rd. This may still move, but if so it’ll only be by a week or so. At the moment, it looks like the disc is going to have;

TrashHouse Final Cut (As shown at TromaFling… Some changes from the BFI premiere version)
TrashHouse BTS (Mike Borland’s Behind The Scenes documentary. There’s a chance that the UK version might be shorter than the full version on the US disc. There’s a very boring explanation for this that involves the BBFC)
Deleted Scenes with fucking awful introductions (Although this may not be the ‘on box’ description, it is accurate)
Director’s Commentary
Oddments TBC

* The USA DVD has no release date as yet.

* The ******** deal is an utter nightmare. Don’t hold your breath, appears to be the situation.

* TrashHouse is being represented at the Tokyo Film Festival at the end of this month.

* The TrashHouse game is now available as a download from the website, if you missed it last time!

* I had a very successful visit to a disused asylum near Brentwood earlier in the week, (not a sentence I ever expected to type), whilst scouting locations for KillerKiller. Providing we manage to work out a decent deal on money, that’s looking like a likely location. Still haven’t set any cast or crew in stone for either of the new flicks, but have some ideas in mind.

* Domains (with teaser artwork) are up at http://www.killerkiller.co.uk and http://www.hellbride.co.uk

* I’m in discussion for getting the novel formerly known as Blood & Popcorn out to coincide with the DVD. For those that don’t know, B&P was a fictional novel set in the world of low-budget filmmaking. The main characters were making a movie called TrashHouse. I wrote the novel in 2003, then had the bright idea of actually making the movie to publicise the novel. Somewhere along the line, I forgot about the novel altogether. It has now been unearthed, but may well have a title change. Or fall through altogether. Time will tell.

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