Cash Flow / The Quick & Dirty Shoot

Money’s at the front of my mind today. Just had to write a large cheque that I thoroughly resented, for a firm that I felt hadn’t done sufficient work to deserve it. This hasn’t happened often in Jinx Media’s short life, (most folks that we end up writing cheques for have earned their cash twenty times over). In fact, this is only the second time that I’ve felt like spitting on a cheque before handing it over.

It got me thinking about this money situation, though. We’re unlikely to see any actual cash from the DVD deal for some considerable time, (maybe never, if the flick tanks). Quicker cash injections from more straightforward deals, (TV ones, and the like), seems tantalisingly close but never seem to get sealed. This has left me hanging out for a cheque, before I can really put the wheels in motion for the next two flicks. I know that regular readers will already know this stuff, but here’s why I’m recapping:

I’ve just spent most of the afternoon trying to work out the viability of just shooting one of my two new projects, (probably KillerKiller), in the quickest, dirtiest, cheapest way possible, just to break this state of fucking limbo that’s driving me nuts. Main problem would actually be the location. I could assemble a tiny crew and dedicated cast and just shoot the movie fairly easily… The problem would come in working out where it could be shot. Renting large premises and building sets inside them as we did for TrashHouse just isn’t the way to do something as cheaply as possible. What it comes down to: Disused buildings.

If anyone out there reading this could connect me up with a building that I could shoot in, that would look like an asylum or prison, without me having to pay more than a few hundred quid for permission to shoot there, I’d drop everything and just shoot the bastard next month. I’d feel good about it too 🙂

So, fire away to if you feel like suddenly changing the direction and mood of this blog. ‘Cos I’ve spent most of today quietly seething and I could seriously use something to cheer me up.

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