DVD deal crawls closer

Got positive news on Tuesday from our (subject to contract) DVD distributors. Not going to name the company until pen has scribbled on paper, but TrashHouse has just gotten sign-off from the final head honcho in the chain and we can get started on the paperwork for both UK and USA release. It’s been a real journey to get sorted, but it looks like we’re finally there.

Pretty much.

Our sales agent is on holiday this week, so I’m not sure how the TV deal is shaping up, but I did get a text from him saying that things were looking good and he’d update me on his return. It’d be fantastic to get the TrashHouse deals done and dusted so that we can progress with the Killer and the Bride at full steam.

Had a conversation with Pip the other day about my female characterisations, and why they always seem to be stronger than the male ones. The two new flicks are hardly exceptions; I keep rewriting the end of ‘Bride to give the male lead more to do, but it’s always going to be the women who get the best bits…

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