Writing Two Flicks At Once…

We put out a call for cast and crew for HellBride and KillerKiller a while back, but haven’t contacted anyone for auditions yet. We’ve done a bit of CV sorting, but haven’t made any phone calls. Mainly because we can’t set the shoot date in stone just yet, and I’m not happy to actually offer people positions on this until the shoot date is locked. In case they end up changing plans to fit our schedule, and then our schedule goes tits up and they end up hating us. Because we really can’t be doing with people hating us.

Can’t set the shoot date in stone until we’re sure exactly what’s happening with TrashHouse in certain territories, because we don’t want to miscalculate and overspend on the new flicks with money it turns out that we’re not going to get, thus bankrupting the company and making people hate us again.

So, what am I doing at time? I’m writing and polishing the two new scripts, because I want to make them as good as I can. I’m only going to direct one of the movies myself, (which, since the title of this blog has given it away somewhat anyway, I might as well admit is going to be HellBride), but they’re both very much Pat Higgins scripts and right now they are both very much my babies. I’m working on them kind of alternately, depending on my mood. Some days are HellBride days, some days are KillerKiller days.

Actually, since I’ve already admitted that we haven’t finalised cast and crew, I might as well pimp the cast and crew address here already.. If anybody is looking to be onboard for cast and crew on these movies the address to apply to is killer@jinxmedia.co.uk but please bear in mind that the money will be absolute shit and the work will be hard.

Although it might be fun too.

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