Leavin’ for a TrashHouse premiere

In a couple of hours, I’m heading out of the house and heading up towards Edinburgh.
Accompanying me on this merry trip will be my wife, (Pip), and Richard Collins, (who played James The Psycho in TrashHouse). The current plan is to drive until we’re knackered and then find a TravelLodge or similar to crash out in, but Rich seems to have a growing desire to simply drive all night, which might mean arriving in Edinburgh at some stupid time in the morning.

The TrashHouse Premiere is on Tuesday. It’s part of the TromaFling festival, and should be a laugh. I’m down to do a Director’s Q&A afterwards, and I’m not sure what to expect. We’ll spend the other three nights checking out stand-up shows and soaking up the Edinburgh vibe.

Our next two projects, HellBride and KillerKiller, are both shooting towards the end of the year. I meant to spend today working on the scripts, (since neither of them are actually finished yet, and I’m really going to need to pull my finger out), but somehow I got caught up checking through the copy of TrashHouse that we’re taking down to TromaFling instead. I’ve been tweaking sound effects and so on even up to this week, (which considering the flick was first shown at invite-only screenings in January this year probably shows that I never quite know when to leave things the hell alone).

I’ll report back after the festival.


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