I’m Pat Higgins. I write the words for movies.

I also talk to other people about writing the words for movies.

Sometimes I direct and produce movies, too, or rewrite the words that other people have written for movies.

It’s a whole words/movies/talking thing.


Praise for me and my stuff:

‘One of the key names in the British horror revival’ – SCREAM magazine

‘The Tarantino of budget gore flicks for style and dialogue’ – SFX magazine

‘Essex horror auteur’ – The Guardian Guide

‘A cult favourite’ – Fangoria

‘Essex auteur’ – EMPIRE magazine

‘One of the highlights of the weekend.  Informative, clever and, as expected with Pat’s experience in stand-up, very funny’ – NERDLY (on Pat’s live show ‘Fear and Film’)

‘The buildup of tension and horror that takes place in here is outstanding and Higgins makes the entire thing feel like the real thing’ – AintItCool News (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Pat Higgins is a funny guy’ – DVD & Blu-Ray Review magazine

‘Funny lines and unexpected developments’ – Kim Newman (on ‘Hellbride’)

(one of the) ‘Most promising British horror directors’ – Fangoria

‘I think the dialogue comparisons to Pulp Fiction are spot on.. some of the exchanges between the characters are that good’ – HorrorTalk (on ‘Hellbride’)

‘I have no doubt that given a lump of cash, Higgins is capable of giving the world a lasting horror classic’ – Best Horror Movies

‘Frequently very funny, with a smart and unpredictable story’ – Total Film (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Higgins has a near-masterpiece on his hands’ – Cinema Crazed (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Psychological horror at its best’ – Horrorview (on The Devil’s Music)

‘A brilliant premise, drawing on great traditions within the genre and without’ – Cinescare (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Brilliant! Highly recommended on all counts, a gem to be experienced’ – HorrorNews (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)

‘Absolutely terrific… The best film I’ve seen so far this year’ – MJ Simpson (on ‘The Devil’s Music’)